Pharmaceutical Care

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The pharmaceutical service that we offer aims not only to provide prescribed medications, but also solve problems related to medicines and offer solutions that maintain and improve the quality of life of the patient. 

We promote the health of the population by hosting health promotion campaigns, and facilitating healthy living and disease prevention through personalised advice and early treatment.


Medicines are packaged in hermetically sealed sachets according to the prescribed regimen and dosage, so that medication errors are avoided, providing maximum reliability for the patient.

The individualized blisters are labelled with all the necessary information: name of the patient, date and time of administration, medicines that it contains, the dosage and the total amount.

Pharmacotherapeutic monitoring

The objective of the pharmacotherapeutic follow-up service is to achieve good results according to the medication prescribed by the doctor and to improve the quality of life of the patient, which is why the collaboration of the patient and the other health professionals involved is essential.

Drug-related problems (DRP) arise when the results obtained are negative or different than expected and therefore lead to unwanted effects.

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