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A compounded formulation is a medicine prepared by a pharmacist on an individual basis to supplement a medical prescription.

We follow strict manufacturing conditions via a standardised work and quality control procedure, subject to periodic reviews; whilst working on a smaller scale, we comply with the same regulations that are required of the pharmaceutical industry.

We can prepare all the compounded formulations that your doctor prescribes, all we need is the prescription. Our laboratory team will make the formula complying with the safety and efficacy criteria established by current legislation. The formula will be ready promptly, so that the patient can start their treatment as soon as possible.

The advantage of a compounded formulation is that the medicine will be totally personalised, should it be necessary to adjust the dose, proportion of active ingredients… Indeed, it is often the only treatment that the patient can access because the pharmaceutical industry itself does not produce it – a case of the so-called THERAPEUTIC VACUUM.

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