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Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine dedicated to correcting or avoiding trauma or deformities of the human body, to improve the health and quality of the patient.

Diagnostic devices: Thermometers for adults and children, including infrared; blood pressure monitors; glucometers; pulse oximeters…

Incontinence pads and protective underwear for men and women. Heel pads, mats, anti-bedsore cushions. We also have an assortment of specialised cosmetics suitable for delicate skin, irritations and pressure sores.

Mobility, circulation and podiatry products: cervical collars, wrist bands for carpal tunnel, elbow pads, girdles, anklets, ankle supports, immobilizers for different parts of the body, sports orthopaedics, bunion protectors and correctors, different types of bandages, finger protectors, thimbles, daily insoles, mouthguards for bruxism, normal, strong and light compression stockings to activate blood circulation, post-operative compression stockings..

Dynamic aids such as: crutches, canes, spare parts, hot-cold gels, anti-bedsore cushions, wheelchairs, walkers, pillboxes, splitters-crushers, dynamic aids for the house (such as toilet lifts, shower seats…)

PPE: masks, gloves, caps, face shields, shoe covers, single-use gowns …

And many more products from the best brands.
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